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Personal Online Loans: If They Are Rejected?

Asking for personal loans online is a quick way to get liquidity, but these loans can be turned down. Let’s see why.

How to ask them

How to ask them

Requests for online personal loans have undergone a significant surge due to the combined effect of the liquidity crisis. This is affecting more and more families and in an increasingly heavy way. Online personal loans are quickly asked: there is no need to go to any office or to use ordinary mail, because all the documents necessary for analyzing the request travel via the web. Among other things, these loans can also guarantee a low cost in terms of commissions and expenses, given that even when working online banks and financial institutions are able to reduce operating costs. However, online personal loans can also be refused, with subsequent notification to the applicant’s end-to-end knowledge company.

Reasons for denial

The reasons for the denial of personal on-line loans can essentially be attributed to the applicant’s economic and working situation. Furthermore, to its historian as a “payer” and to other commitments that may already exist. In assessing applications for personal loans online, the lender calculates first and foremost the applicants’ spending capacity, based on the periodic receipts certain of them net of the fixed costs in which loans already in place are repaid. If this spending capacity is not sufficient to cover a further commitment, given by the repayment installment of a new loan, or if it is just sufficient but the applicant’s employment situation is uncertain, the financing, in the absence of strong real or personal guarantees, is refused.

Online personal loans are also denied for too many reports received by the end-to-end knowledge company regarding the applicant. In this case it is considered a “bad payer”, ie without the credit rating necessary to obtain a new loan. Other causes of denial of the loan are: any registrations in the lists of protested bills; having given a guarantee to a third party who is insolvent; having presented a guarantee of signature given by a third party that is not considered reliable from a credit standpoint; the lack of documents and information necessary for the evaluation of the loan application. For all that has been said so far, before formalizing a request for funding it is useful to get a free, non-binding estimate, like the one that can be obtained by filling out the form alongside.


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March 12, 2019